15 Benefits of Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is a public health issue. I am so surprise that the post of “Cigarette Smoking – Primary Risk Factor of Lung Cancer” being listed in the top 200 of controversial article in Reddit.com yesterday. Although this was not good news (I think), I decided to write more about the benefits of smoking cessation today to firmly increase people’s awareness about that.

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Smoking cessation provides extensive health benefits for everyone including the smokers and non-smokers. According to the reports of the US Surgeon General on the health consequences of smoking, there are many significant health benefits of quitting smoking. Although some cases show that the increased of lung cancer risk at the beginning of smoking cessation, there are still a lot of successful cases show the good side of smoking cessation.

Below are the 15 benefits of quitting smoking which I arrange it according to the timeline of smoking cessation.

1. After quitting within 2 weeks to 3 months, the pulmonary function and circulation will be improved.

2. Within 1-9 months after quitting, the ciliary and lung epithelium function will be restored.

3. Although the former smoker might experience coughing frequently initially, this is good for our body as the lungs remove excess mucus and tobacco smoke particulates.

4. After several months, the lung function of the former smoker will improve significantly.

5. After a year quitting from smoking, the former smoker will experience decreased coughing.

6. At the same time, the former smoker will regain his fatigue and the shortness of breath will be improved.

7. Consequently, the excess risk for coronary heart disease will be reduced to half than the continuing smokers.

8. After 5 – 15 years later, the risk of getting stroke will be reduced to the rate similar to the non-smokers.

9. The risk of getting the lung cancer will be reduced to half of the continuing smokers.

10. The risk of getting mouth larynx, pharynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney or pancreas cancer will be reduced.

11. After 15 years of smoking cessation, the risk for coronary heart disease will be reduced to the same rate as the people who never smoked.

12. Smoking cessation can significantly reduce the cumulative risk of death from lung cancer regardless the gender.

13. The former smokers that successfully give up the tobacco use can be expected to live much longer. If you are 35 years old and you quit from smoking, you are expected to live an additional 6 – 9 years than the smokers.

14. Some of the elderly smokers keep claiming that it is too late to quit from smoking as the damage is done on their body for a long time ago. However, according to the cancer research, there is an individual who quit from smoking start from 65 can live much longer (4 – 5 years) compared to those continued to smoke. Therefore, please do not ignore the potential of smoking cessation even for the elderly smokers.

15. If you are under medical treatment, quitting from smoking is better for you. According to cancer research, smoking will reduces the overall effectiveness of treatment, while causing the side effect of treatment and consequently decrease the survival rate.

In conclusion, there are too many benefits of smoking cessation. It is never too late to quit or advice others to quit from smoking to incur health benefits. I will try to find out more information about how to quit smoking effectively and post in my blog next time. Stay tuned!

(Reference: David S. Albert, Lisa M. Hess. Fundamental of Cancer Prevention, Second edition)

Are you hesitating to quit from smoking? Just do it!

  1. Adrian Ng

    Hey….Kok Siong,

    A fantastic and well written report on your cancel surveys. Really impress me in all means. A great job! Keep going.

    I’m sure your concerns will soon or later awake the people around you. Anyway, thanks for sharings and your great effort.

    Cheers and best rgds,

  2. Kok Siong Chen

    Thanks Adrian. I will continue to write more valuable contents in my blog. Do visit my blog frequently!

  3. Sue May

    Hey Si Heng, nice article. I will share it with others. My friends need to know more about smoking. Good job! =)

  4. Kok Siong Chen

    Thanks Sue May! Hope that you enjoy the reading here. Let us do some efforts to increase the awareness together.:)

  5. Sandesh Mascarenhas

    Hey man excellent post……….. 🙂 as you have mentioned in point 14 its very rite………. there is not age to quite smoking………
    give up smoking to live longer………. 🙂
    Even I was I smoker……….thanks that I have given up the habit for good…….. 🙂
    .-= Sandesh Mascarenhas´s last blog ..Scan files and folders for virus online with viruschief =-.

  6. Kok Siong Chen

    Thanks for dropping by! Smoking cessation is for our own good and good to people around us too. Hope that you enjoy this reading.:)

  7. Another good article. It is again presented clearly and is easy to process. The article models and outlines what many many articles and quit programs have claimed for years. Yet many people continue to smoke, The reason people smoke is as complex as the reasons some can quit and others do not. Further research into treatment may benefit those who do not find current methods beneficial.

  8. Kok Siong Chen

    Dr. Fox, nice to meet you here! You are right! Although many people start to aware about the disadvantages of smoking, still many people keep smoking. Hope that we can influence the youngsters to stop smoking.

  9. I am not certain we need to hear again the benefits. Those who smoke know the damage, what is needed is some definitive solutions to this disgusting and costly habit. Every smoker I know would pay the equivalent to be able to stop without all the pain in doing so. I am certain the chemicals alone would be a greater negative impact than radon gas.

  10. sandeep001

    Since the article is about smoking cessation i would like some information regarding Acupuncture smoking cessation program.Acupuncture helps in permanent smoking cessation by lessening the cravings and reducing the withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it has no side effects and enhances your overall health. Find how you can quit smoking with acupuncture treatment.According to your diagnostic reports, your therapist designs a unique treatment plan for you. Generally, a combination of ear and body points is used in this treatment. It is believed that these points influence the energetic pathways and the organs related to the smoking habit.

  11. Kok Siong Chen

    Thanks for your sharing Sandeep! This is really a good information for us! 🙂

  12. Guruprasad

    smoking will be never good for health as it contains nicotine.The people who smoke a lot will be effected with lung cancer.not only lung cancer it wont allow a person to concentrate on any thing.smoking will never leaves a person healthy. some will say that if a fellow got habituated for drugs,the effect of drugs on body will be there, and this effect on body can be reduced by smoking, and this is not true.smoking is meant for only ruining the health.

  13. Kok Siong Chen

    Ya, you are right! Thanks for leaving a nice comment! 🙂

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  15. its really true that there are a lot of benefits we can get when we quit smoking. its just sad that even if people are already aware of it, they still can’t stop themselves from smoking.
    i hope for these people to realize how good it is not only for themselves but also for people around them when they stop smoking.
    i guess it takes some motivation and effort as well as self motivation.self will in order for someone to completely give up smoking and start living healthier.

  16. This article brings up a good point, life is short and it’s time for me to quit now. I don’t want to look back on nothing but regrets. Thanks. I’m going to try this also: Smoking Cessation Intervention to Quit Smoking Effectively.

  17. justMe

    Research Reveals the Health Benefits of Coffee and Smoking
    Smoking and drinking coffee are equally healthy according to recent scientific research.

    Internet searches of information regarding coffee seems to show that coffee is the new wonder drug. The shear volume of research and written material is staggering—so much so that it is suspect. What follows is the result of a brief search comparing coffee health claims to research on the benefits of smoking:
    1. Coffee Prevents Parkinson’s Disease. In the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Volume 20, Supplement 1, 2010, Pages. 221–238, Abstract, a study confirms “an inverse association between caffeine intake and the risk of PD” (Parkinsons Disease).
    2. Smoking Prevents Parkinson’s Disease. A March 10, 2010 article in Neurology, “Smoking Duration Intensity and Risk of Parkinson’s Disease,” describes research demonstrating that lifelong smokers were at a decreased risk for PD (Parkinsons Disease)..
    3. Coffee Helps the Brain. Published Sept. 2010, in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, research shows that increased levels of coffee and tea consumption reduces risk of gliomas (a type of brain tumor).
    4. Smoking Helps the Brain. A Neuron abstract, published in April 2007, finds that nicotine improves memory and improves attention.
    5. Coffee Fights Disease. American Association for Cancer Research, June, 2010 reports a 39 percent decreased risk of oral and pharyngeal cancers for regular coffee drinkers.
    6. Smoking Fights Disease. In March 2001, National Cancer Research Institute scientists announced that Classical Karposi’s Syndrome (a rare skin disease) risk was reduced in regular smokers, in Mediterranean areas.
    7. Smoking Reduces Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published, in 1998, a study linking smoking with reduced risk of breast cancer for women with particular gene mutations.
    8. Coffee Reduces Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women. A June 2010, paper cites a reduced risk of breast cancer for some women who drink boiled coffee.
    9. Smoking Fights Colon Disease. Smokers are less likely to be afflicted by ulcerative colitis than non-smokers, declares a June 1999 report.
    10. Coffee Fights Colon Disease. Science Daily cites a Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Nov., 2003 study describing the antioxident properties of coffee and their protective properties against colon cancer.
    11. Smoking Inhibits Joint Pain. Reuters reports in July, 2007, that nicotine’s anti-inflamatory properties may slow the rate of joint damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
    12. Coffee Inhibits Joint Pain. The Arthritis Foundation published a June, 2007 study which reveals that men consuming four or more cups of coffee a day are at significantly less risk for gout.
    Coffee and Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle
    Given the cited examples, unlimited coffee consumption and regular smoking might very well be part of a healthy lifestyle. However, there is no real serious attempt here, to suggest that drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes is advisable or that they are equivalent. In reading most of the above studies, conclusions are made with the proviso that further research is required or that other harms are not mitigated.
    Research and Reality
    This article is a statement about the nature of research. If you are motivated to look for a specific result, you are likely to find it. The tobacco companies of 25 years ago were able to demonstrate that smoking was not so very harmful. We do know now, without a doubt, that smoking is terribly damaging to our bodies. As far as coffee goes, the jury is still out; research information is inconsistent, variable, and indicates as many negative impacts as benefits.
    People drink coffee because they like the taste and for the stimulant effect of caffeine, not for any nutritional value. Caffeine is usually the component, which studies find to be the most damaging. Health Canada recommends that the general population limit their caffeine intake to 400 mg (3 cups of coffee) per day to reduce harm. Coffee is no wonder drug, but it is injurious to some people and until a lot more is known, moderation of consumption is good advice.