My name is Chen. I just graduated from University of Malaya Bachelor Science of Genetics and Molecular Biology. I’m a Scientific Officer and Research Assistant of University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) now. Currently, i’m doing the research on leukemia cytogenetics and funded by University of Malaya Cancer Research Institute (UMCRI).

chen kok siong


In 2004, it was the first time i have been introduced to Genetics. I found that there are a lot of interesting things in this field of heredity. How the formation of a complex organism from a seeming formless zygote. How could a single cell gives rise to many kinds of different cells like muscle cells, brain cells and so on? Don’t you find it amazing? Since then, i have decided to explore more about the Genetics.

While i’m doing my internship in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, i learned a lot of things that related to Cytogenetics and Cancer Research. I also start to look through some genetics disorders which can be inherited by the parents or caused by the mutation. However, most of it can be prevented! There are many genetics disorder cases were sent to my hospital everyday. Most ofย  it is caused by the lack of awareness of the parents about the Genetics. I was so sad to know about this. At the same time, i was learning blogging from net. Therefore, i decide to open a blog to write about the genetics disorders and cancer so that people around me can know more about that. I will focus on introducing about Cytogenetics and Cancer Research. I will also introduce some prevention steps in order to increase people’s awareness about this.

I will keep on to write more on Cytogenetics and Cancer Research while i’m doing studies of these. Hope that my readers will find it useful from my writing. Enjoy the reading!