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Helpful Cancer-Proofing Tips For Aging Parents

Mostly due to advances in both medicines and treatment approaches, the overall cancer death rate has declined sharply since 1991. This very good news has a downside. Since more people are living longer with cancer, both they

History of Cancer Cytogenetics

The Discovery of Philadephia Chromosome   It is known that human cytogenetics was started in 1955, with the discovery of normal human cells contain 46 chromosomes by Tjio and Levan that normal human cells contain 46 chromosomes.

The Best In-Home Senior Care Service in Phoenix

The Best In-Home Senior Care Service in Phoenix Most old folks wish to have in-home senior care instead of going to a nursing home because they are not only great but also very practical and professional. These

The Effects Associated with Mesothelioma Asbestos fibers Cancer of the lung

Tragically the Mesothelioma Asbestos Lung Cancer is becoming more and more well known, the mere mention of it striking fear into all of us for we know that it is associated with death. Asbestos is the reaper,

Healthy Energy Drink from bHIP

Energy drink has become a must in this new era. Most of us need to consume the energy drink to enhance our vitality, energy and even the mind clarity. However, almost all of the energy drinks that

Requirements of Cell Culture – Media

In order to grow the cells in culture, we need to fulfil the requirements of cell culture. The cell culture setting is essentially important to make sure that our cell can grow well in certain condition. There

Cancer Cell Culture History

Cancer cell culture has its own history. After discussing the Introduction of Cancer Cell Culture, today we are going to discuss about the cancer cell culture history from beginning until now. In fact, cell culture has started

Introduction of Cell Culture

Cell culture is the common practice for almost all cancer research in the world currently. This technique involves the way to grow up the cells, especially the cancer cells and subsequently enables the cells to live outside