3 Main Types of Cancer Diseases

Cancer is a complicated set of diseases which human still cannot really figure out what is going on. There are more than 200 types of diseases cause by cancer. Most of these cancer diseases possess the different properties and treatments.  There are three main types of cancer diseases.

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3 Main Types of Cancer Diseases

1)  Carcinomas

Solid cancers are arisen from the epithelial cell that covering our inner and outer surfaces. Almost 90% of cancer diseases is Carcinomas.

2) Sarcomas

Sarcomas are solid cancers that developed from the connective tissue cells that form body structures. For example, muscle cells and bone are the connective tissue cells that popular in cancer disease.

3) Leukemias and lymphomas

Leukemias and lymphomas are cancers that caused by white blood cells. The properties and treatment of Leukemias will be very dissimilar according to the growth of the individual.

Cancers are named according to the organ from which the cancer cells originated. Below are some of the common cancer diseases.

Common Cancer Diseases

  • Retinoblastoma – cancer of eye
  • Osteosarcoma – cancer in bone
  • Melanoma – cancer in skin pigment cells
  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer

Cancer cells spread away from the original tumor and entering the bloodstream or lymphatic system. The cells can invade other organs, forming new tumors that damage these organs. The spread of cancer is called metastasis. This means that some of the cancer cells we found on certain organ might not the origin place for them.

Thus, from knowing all of these kinds of cancer diseases, then we can go through each by each to explore more about the Cancer Research.

  1. Thanks! This is a very easy to read article and the drawings make it simple to process. Medical topics are often arranged in such a way that the layman does not understand.

  2. Kok Siong Chen

    Really? Hope that this article and drawing can really help large numbers of people understand about the cancer.

  3. Your post are very relevant and clearly stated.

    I know this would be a good reference to look in. Medical matters are really an interesting topic. I am looking forward for your next post!

  4. Yes, the dreaded cancer comes in these forms, can affect any organs in the body

  5. I’m guessing that melanoma which form on the skin are part of the Carcinoma group. I have had several moles removed from my back that were at a pre-melanoma stage.

    In countries where there is intense UV radiation many people are now getting these types of skin cancer. I try to check my body regularly so that I can spot any suspicious looking mole early.

    As in any type of cancer getting treated early is the key.

  6. Thank you for providing such a clear explanation of the three different types of cancer. I read on your about page that you work in cancer research. Have you seen any research into whether what we currently believe is inherited might actually be from toxic loads passed from parents to offspring?

    The more toxins the parents have and especially the mother the more the children will have which would cause conditions to appear to be genetic that might actually be accumulated environmental exposure. There is some excellent research on ewg.org Web site on toxin levels in newborns.