Breast Cancer Archive

Tamoxifen – Breast Cancer Treatment

Tamoxifen plays an essential role as adjuvant drug in breast cancer treatment. Many people do not know the mechanism of it to prevent the progression of cancer.

Hormonal Therapy to Treat Breast Cancer

Hormone is one of the key factors of the development of breast cancer. Hormonal therapy is a therapeutic strategy to control development of breast cancer.

Things to Know Before Breast Cancer Treatment

Did you know the things before treatment of breast cancer? We need to know it so that we will not panic when facing on this disease especially for the women.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Prevention of breast cancer is always the fundamental thing to look on in cancer research instead of finding a way for treatment. Most of the practices on breast cancer prevention are only for women with moderate to

Early Detection to Prevent Breast Cancer

Early detection is the basic way to prevent from breast cancer according to breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Series: Lifestyle and Environmental Risk Factors

Lifestyle and environmental exposures are another 2 most high recognized risk factors of breast cancer. Healthy lifestyle may help us to prevent from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Series: Are You Risky?!

In cancer research, breast cancer risk factors included age and gender, family history, reproductive, endogenous and exogenous hormone exposures.

Breast Cancer Series: Introduction of Breast Cancer

In cancer research, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. Breast cancer has some symptoms like lumps or thickening in the breast or armpit area.