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Whey Protein to Minimize Chemotherapy Side Effects (Part 3)

Whey proteins are used in combination with glutathione to help in decreasing the concentrations of glutathione in cancer cells so that the cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy.

Minimize Chemotherapy Side Effects (Part 2)

As we all know, there is no way for us to escape from the chemotherapy side effects but just can minimize it. There are many supplements that the patients can consume during the time undergoing chemotherapy. In

Minimize Chemotherapy Side Effects (Part 1)

As I have mentioned in Cancer Chemotherapy, there are lots of side effects of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to escape from the chemotherapy side effects. Yet, what we can do is just to

Cancer Chemotherapy

Cancer Chemotherapy is an effective approach to control the development of cancer. Yet, not many medical institutions are applying these synergistic methods into clinical practice because of the side effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs. Overview of Cancer

Anti-angiogenic Therapy to Treat Cancer

Anti-angiogenic Therapy is a kind of cancer treatment that using drugs to stop tumor angiogenesis. This is a high potential approach to treat cancer.

Top 10 Discoveries of Cancer Treatment in 2009

I have gathered the cancer research news from Google and NCI. Below are some of the new findings of cancer treatment which I found really benefits to the world.