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Minimize Chemotherapy Side Effects (Part 1)

As I have mentioned in Cancer Chemotherapy, there are lots of side effects of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to escape from the chemotherapy side effects. Yet, what we can do is just to minimize the consequences of cancer chemotherapy.

Minimize Chemotherapy Side Effects Series

Therefore, I decide to write a series of the way to minimize chemotherapy side effects in this blog so that people can really benefit from it. In this blog post, I will describe to you the benefits of consuming vitamins E, C and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) while undergoing the chemotherapy.

chemotherapy side effects, minimize chemo effects

Against Heart Muscle Toxicity

Basically, the high doses of chemotherapy may cause the heart muscle toxicity of the patient. Cancer Research showed that vitamins E, C and NAC play the role to protect high doses chemotherapy patients against heart muscle toxicity. According to Life Extension Foundation Protocols, there was a controlled study to diagnose the effects of vitamins E, C and NAC on cardiac function on a group of chemotherapy and radiation patients. One group was supplemented with these nutrients while another group no. The results showed that the group without the supplements suffered 46% more left ventricle malfunction than the group with supplements. In addition, there was no significant fall in overall ejection fraction for the supplemented group, but 29% of the group without supplement showed reduced ejection fraction.

Improve Appetite

The vitamin C may help in reducing the chemotherapy side effects. It can be used to improve appetite of the patients. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the dose of pain killers used in chemotherapy.

Against Cardiomyopathy

On the other hand, the vitamin E can protect the patients against cardiomyopathies which caused by chemotherapy. It can be used in combination with vitamin A and coenzyme Q10 to lessen the side effects of Adriamycin, which is a drug used in chemotherapy. It can help to increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drugs too. The dry powder succinate form of vitamin E is the best for the chemotherapy patients.

In conclusion, consuming these nutrients may help in reducing the chemotherapy side effects. Yet, this is only a theoretical fact. It might not practical to every particular case of cancer. Thus, please seek the advice of doctor before consuming any supplement. This is only the part 1 of the series. Remember to subscribe to this blog to get the free update. You may subscribe via email or RSS feed. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. hi. I heard that if we change our eating style to vegetarian will help in reduce or totally recover from it being proved by scientist? how ur comment? will the eating habit will help in cancer treatment?
    .-= miao miao´s last blog ..My family =-.

  2. Kok Siong Chen

    There are some cases where the cancer patients manage to recover after changing to be a vegetarian. However, the results might be different with different case. Eating habit plays an essential role in cancer prevention and treatment. For example, we should have a balanced meal and should not simply skip any meal daily.

  3. There are some cases where the cancer patients manage to recover after changing to be a vegetarian, okay. this is detective in india.

  4. Kok Siong Chen

    Yes, become a vegetarian is always a good habit to recover from cancer. Thanks for dropping by detectives!

  5. Very well written. The message is really clear and this would be a good source for those who suffers from the pain of ‘chemo’.

    I’ll surely will print this out and word it out to all my friends. Thanks for posting such topics. I always read your post because I find it reliable and useful! 🙂