Sunday Drama Series: Mom of a Child with Down Syndrome (PART 1)

The Story

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“David, do you still remember our wedding day? It was the best time of my life,” Jennifer held David’s arm tightly.

“I’ll always remember the day we took our vows Jenn. You’re just as special to me today,” David replied sincerely and kissed on her cheek. Jennifer replied with a smile.

It was the second anniversary of David and Jennifer. After having their dinner, they are enjoying the scenery of Pacific Ocean at the Marine Room, the place where they first met.

“I’m pregnant,” Jennifer whispered.

David was shocked. “Are you kidding me Jenn? I’m going to be a father!” he embraced her with joy.

Both of them couldn’t hide their happiness and intimately hugged together. Jennifer knew that good news two weeks ago. She planned to tell David about it in this romantic day.

The alarm sound to wake David up in the next morning. He got out of the bed with a fresh new determination and aims of his life. This was the second day he knew about his baby. He motivated himself to work harder in order to give a better life to his baby in the future.

David worked in a workshop called Treat Auto Repair Workshop. He was awarded “The Best Auto Worker” 3 months ago because of his commitment and responsibility. He will try his best while working.

On the other hand, Jennifer was sketching her new idea on a piece of paper as usual. As a fashion designer, she had to be creative at all the time. Suddenly, she noticed the medical prescript that given by Dr. Josephine two weeks ago.

“I’ll advise you to do the chorionic villus sampling (CVS),” Dr. Josephine said.

“But, I don’t wish to harm my baby, can I? I know this is an invasive test, Jennifer begged.

“As I told you just now, you are at increased risk of genetics and chromosomal problems. You are too old to have a baby,” Dr. Josephine explained.

A 37-year-old mother started to think over and over again. She knew that 35 and above was the recommended age to start doing the prenatal test because that was the age at high risk of carrying a baby with genetic disorders.  Carrying a fetus with such a defect might increase the risk of miscarriage and harms the life of mother. The meiotic nondisjunction occurred is associated with increased age of the parents.

Yet, she also knew that chorionic villus sampling will harm a baby. Chorionic villus sampling is one of the prenatal tests that can effectively detect chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome, Prader-willi syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Cri du Chat etc. This test can only be done at least 11 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is an invasive test. It carries a small risk of miscarriage. The fetus cells will be taken by the doctor from tiny fingerlike projections on the placenta (chorionic villi) and send to the lab for analysis.

She has to make decision as soon as possible. The risk will be increased over time of pregnancy.

To be continued…

Kok Siong’s Words

Finally, the Sunday Drama Series is officially launched today. This is an exciting writing times for me. As you all know, this is my first English novel. I have to spend a lot of time to write it with good English without any grammatical error.  I did a lot of proof reading before I published. Yet, it is not perfect. I am willing to hear from you about your comment in terms of my writing skill and language ability. Remember to leave your comment in the form provided below! Your comment is highly appreciated.

On the story above, Jennifer is struggling to make an important decision. She has to decide whether to do the chorionic villus sampling test or not. If she did it, there is the risk of miscarriage. If she refused to do it, she might put herself in life-threatening state. So, what should she do?

Your Words

As I mentioned in the Introduction of Sunday Drama Series, you have the right to control the chronology of this story. Therefore, below are the things that I wish that you can help me to do.

1. Please vote for the poll below. In your opinion, what should Jennifer do?

2. Please kindly leave your words in the comment section below in terms of

  • Do you know that the prenatal test is harmful?
  • Do you know that mothers with 35-year-old and above are at increased risk of carrying a baby with genetic disorder?
  • State out the reason about your choice in the poll.
  • Your opinion about my writing skill and language ability so that I can improve myself.

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That’s all. Thanks for your patience! I hope that you guys enjoy the reading. May you be well and happy. 🙂

  1. Alan@Quickest Way To Lose Weight

    I guess, it is vital that she should do the CVS test. It just seems right.

  2. Kok Siong Chen

    Hi Alan! Thanks for leaving your comment here. May i know why you think that she should do the CVS test?

  3. Wheather the baby got problem or not, the mum will still keep the baby. So why we want to put the baby in risk?!

  4. Hi Kok,

    This story is really great!

    I am also a little confused and after thinking twice, I think it will be best for her to do it (as I voted) and keep hoping for the best.

    If she does it, even though she might lose her baby, she will still have one later than endanger her life and not be alive to take care of the baby.

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot,

  5. Kok Siong Chen

    Hi Onibalusi! Nice to have your comment here and retweeted.
    You are right in one aspect. Or we change to another aspect to discuss about this. If you are Jennifer, will you risk your own baby? The mother loves their child very much. Just like our mother loves us. My mom will not wish to put me in danger even though she still has another 4 daughters. What do you think?

  6. Kok Siong Chen

    Interesting! The mother will not wish to put her child in danger. You might find out the answer in the next part of this story. 🙂